Statement of Need

Brian and his team will travel 7,000 miles round trip from Garrison, New York to Santa Monica, California. Due to Brian’s health condition, a low altitude route (below 2,000 feet) will be taken. The journey will take 4 weeks: 3 weeks traveling out while photographing the landscape and one week to return, not stopping as often yet, still taking the photo inspirations that come forward.

Brian will be sending film to be processed daily, which will be scanned and uploaded to an ftp site. From his traveling studio he will evaluate, sort, and select images for transmission to an active website where people can watch the journey live.

It is through the support of generous donors and sponsors that will make this journey possible. Product donations and funds for transportation, staffing, and equipment, as outlined below, are needed.

Item  Funds Needed Sponsor
Rental car for support crew  $2,500 needed
Gas: handicap accessible vehicle  $3,850 needed
Gas: rental car  $2,450 needed
Health Aid  $7,500 needed
Driver  $7,500 needed
Documentary staff  $15,000 needed
Hotel (6 people)  $9,000 needed
Food (6 people)  $9,000 needed
Film processing and scanning  $15,000 needed
FedEx  $600 needed
Total:  $72,400

*We understand that monetary support isn’t always an option, but if you know someone who owns a national hotel chain, food franchise or rental car company we’d love to get in touch! In-kind donations will be greatly appreciated.


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