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Brian is a world-renown photographer, athlete, and Traumatic Brain Injury survivor. He had two brain bleeds as a result of a condition referred to as cavernous malformation in the pons area, caused by an abnormal capillary that slowly hemorrhaged. Most people do not survive this condition and he has come very close to dying several times, but after two surgeries he’s still here.

For thirty years Brian has been a professional photographer shooting advertising and fashion in the US, Australia, and Europe. He also has a deep, heart-felt passion for landscape photography. He was an avid runner, surfer and wind surfer, and loved the physical challenges and excitement of these activities. He was married and has a young daughter, but is now single and lives with his parents in Garrison, New York.

Nice was at the top of his craft when tragedy struck. A series of traumatic brain injuries befell him. The last one happened when he was on a commercial shoot several years ago, when he blacked out and was given a slim chance of living. . . . After numerous surgeries and on-going therapy, with a family that never left his side, Nice decided it was time to get back in the game. Although he now gets around in a wheelchair, nothing gets in his way of living out his passion for photography. He found the courage and inner strength to continue his fine art photography with a completely new focus.

—Tim Greco, 08-08-2012, Brian Nice Has ‘A Point of View’
The Putnam County News and Recorder

In 2008 Brian created a project, which involved his father who is also an artist. They went to Greenland to photograph and paint the icebergs. Their work was exhibited at Pace Prints, a publisher of contemporary fine art photography in Manhattan.

In 2009 he created a book entitled Rescue Tails published by Simon and Schuster. The inspiration for this was his dog Buster who was losing his eyesight and was helped by the Humane Society. The book is a photographic collection of celebrities with their beloved dogs. The proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Humane Society and Much Love in Los Angeles.

Brian’s recent photography was exhibited in August 2012 at the Garrison Art Center.

After my first brain bleed and surgery I could not imagine how I would be able to continue doing the art I loved, any physical activity, or even the basic task of living life. I focused on physical rehabilitation rather than my passions. It seemed all had been taken away from me and my goal was to simply survive. A friend gave me a point and shoot camera and this was an uplifting experience in the midst of what felt like a severely contracted reality. The new photos I’ve taken have inspired me and encouraged me to share how I see the world now.

In 1979, Brian was part of a 12-man college relay team that ran across the United States. Their efforts earned them a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. This experience is providing the inspiration behind this new challenge.


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  1. Brian, I am overwhelmed by your story and still trying to absord it all. I sent you an email to reconnect – watch for lmsmurphy@comcast.net…. it’s me – Lisa McCartney- Murphy…good old RIT days. Wishing you all the best on your recovery and will follow along and pray for your progress and strength.

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