April 15, 2014

Not to get too profound on you, but everything we do doesn’t mean shit. Sorry to get heavy, but let me tell you, don’t stress about your work, relationships or stuff like that. It just doesn’t matter. I realized that after talking with my friend who got pneumonia. I had a flashback to when I was in hospital. I was literally living from one breath to the next. You know I was basically trying to survive. So my friend who had pneumonia was worrying about his images. He’s a photographer. I said, “Listen, don’t worry about your images. It doesn’t matter. Just do what makes you happy.” And that’s the bottom line. Just do what makes you happy.

Welcome to another week of traumatic brain injury recovery. It’s been an interesting week. I’ve been having less and less what I call “moments.” I guess the moments were brought on by excessive work at therapy and major stress in my personal life. When I say stress, I’m talking like a dramatic level equal to a latin daytime soap opera drama. Life has been pretty crazy. Anyway, bottom line is, I’m having a better week this week. I notice my friend across from me just took a deep breath and it is a good technique to relax. I used it in the hospital and I do it all the time now. You basically breath in through your nose, a deep breath and exhale out your mouth. It’s very simple, but it helps you live in the moment. You know, concentrate on your breathing. Think of nothing else. Sorry, I went off on a little tangent there. I was teaching you meditation. Sorry.

I’m going to include a link to some fashion confessions. You know, my other blog. It’s about the past. Not much else to talk about this week. Just working hard. Oh yeah, I did notice one thing. My mom did a photo of me sitting up and I notice I’m a fat ass. Man, I gotta get to the gym! I guess you get a little heavy when you lie on your back for four years. That’s all for now. Love you. Love, B. Nice

Oh yeah, I will include some images from our trip. Here’s the link to the other blog LINK.





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