March 26, 2014

Hi everybody. Welcome to another week of Paradise. I say this a bit sarcastically. I mean, very sarcastically.

It’s a bit of a cliche what I’m about to say: you know, you’re born alone and you die alone and you have two options in between. You can either be a lump, a useless piece of protoplasm that takes up space on the Earth, or you can have a big adventure. I think I’ll go with a big adventure. I think my big adventure, everything I’ve gone through, has gotten me ready for what I’m going through now. I said it before, but I’ll say it again. It’s important to look at signs. Am I making any sense? It only took me two brain surgeries, 5 other surgeries, countless MRI’s, countless visits to the ER, advice from a nurse and countless drugs to figure this out.

Life has been a bit crazy for me right now. My personal life is beyond crazy. It brings a lot of stress to the table and stress, when you’re like this, stress is not good. It really brings you down. I have a lot of what I call “moments.” Only way to get through these moments is do a lot of drugs or meditate. I choose to meditate. Like my friend here says, meditate not medicate. It’s up to you. You can take some pills, drool and stare at the wall, or you can stare at some trees and the sky and meditate, with no medication. Like I said, the choice is yours.

Let’s see, what else is going on this week? When you have traumatic brain injury your life swings back and forth between good and bad. I was going to get all deep on you, but you know what, forget it. Maybe I fell out of bed and hit my head. What is happening is I’m going to go back to out-patient therapy and get a brush up on my walking. That’s cool. I’m also going to go back to swimming. That is great. It feels great cause it’s really the only place I can play water volleyball. I’m just kidding. It’s the only place I can walk freely. It’s still bizarre to me. I used to run a four minute mile pace. Now I can’t even stand up. Just standing with help is so boring to me. I’ve been doing a lot of art therapy. I’m going to include a heart that I do every day for my daughter. My friend here will take a photo for me, of a heart, and some other drawings that I do. I was going to include the link to my other blog. You know, I tell stories, well not all the stories, but some stories from the past. Some things I simply can’t talk about. Hope you have a good one. Love, B. Nice





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