A Wet Ass – November 20, 2013

Hi everybody. Well, you know what happened to me this week? I almost had a wet ass. So imagine this. I looked at my feet and other than the fact that they should be at the end of a branch, you know, like a crow, I decided I should probably get a pedicure. So I went to the local nail spa and went to get a pedicure. My health assistant managed to get me in the chair. Now imagine this, my health assistant turned on the back massager. It caused me to slide forward. I knocked over the pedicurist. My ass started sliding toward the water, you know where your feet go. I started crying for help. The woman in the next chair started laughing. The pedicurist said something in Chinese. I’m sure it was something like, “You big dumb fuck, you knocked me over.” My health assistant tried to get me back up into the chair. Everyone in the nail salon came over and started talking Chinese. It was just another day in the world of traumatic brain injury. Oh, by the way, my friend her asked me if I every got my pedicure, and I did. I managed to stay in the chair.

You know what I hate? I hate looking at a sign that says “Disabled Parking” or “Handicap Spot.” I really dislike those words, handicap or disabled. Because I think I’m just different. I realized that when I got my film back from the trip I just did. To me the images have more depth and soul to them. I mean we’re talking about real life here. Anyway, just an observation from My Point of View.

I’m having a bit of a brain fart right now. I can’t remember what I was going to talk about. This week has been rather uneventful. I’ve been doing a lot of painting with my father. You know, I still have what I call “moments” once in a while. I just thought I’d share that with you. They’re not full on seizures but they do kind of interupt my day. I’ve been to water therapy. That’s been very helpful. I did better this week than last week. I’ll tell you, I said it before, but I’ll say it again, that trip I took really kicked my ass. I’m still recovering from it. But it was really worth it. Some day we’ll go over the highlights of the trip. You know, like going into the biker bar, my friend almost causing a bar fight. Oh yeah, there was this one guy in Texas who was really proud because he shot a giraffe on a game farm. I mean who the hell shoots a giraffe? Anyway, that’s all from me right now. I’ll talk to you guys next week. Love, B. Nice10-9_01-02


8 thoughts on “A Wet Ass – November 20, 2013

  1. I agree with Anka: great, great photo. You’re right: your photos have soul, man.

    And I also agree with Anka’s other comment: “Who the hell shoots a giraffe???” And the guy shot the giraffe on a game farm. Wow. What a great hunter he must be . . .

  2. I was looking at the photo and realized after a few seconds that it actually felt like I was in the car and it was moving. Nice job.
    As for the giraffe, it;s the same guy who shoots people-friendly deer and other animals in the fenced-in “businesses” in this country. Pay your couple of thousand dollars and walk up and shoot so you can take your trophy home and hang it on the wall. Ugly stuff.

    • I think your photos work well, because they truly come from within. As a photographer you have achieved what very few have, yet is crucial as a Fine Art Photographer, everything you are and who you are, come thru in all these photos! Amazing work and I commend you for all the hard work and effort you put into these photos!

  3. Brian,
    Thanks for my laugh today! The mental image of you vibrating down into your foot bath had me cracking up! (As you were almost “Cracking Down”. Get it?)
    Stay Smiling!

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