The Map and Schedule Coming into Focus

The Map and Schedule Coming into  Focus

Brian and his road Team are getting started a few days early.
Here are the highlights of the schedule so far.
September 27th … Cape May
September 28th… Hotel near Elizabeth City, NC
September 29th… Myrtle Beach, SC
September 30th… Near Fernandino Beach Florida
October 1… Niceville, Florida
October 2 …Biloxi, Miss
October 3rd … Jackson, Miss,
October evening of the 4th, 5th and 6th… Fort Worth, Tx
October 7th… Pecos, Texas
October 8th … South of Tucson, Az
October 9th … San Diego. Ca.
October 14, 15 16 … Hermosa Beach, Ca
October 17th, Heading Home… Stay tuned …


3 thoughts on “The Map and Schedule Coming into Focus

  1. Where will you be south of Tucson? We live in Tucson and would love to have you all stay or come to dinner or whatever would be helpful. We have room to sleep a good many folks. My husband is also brain injured but doing very well. I think he and Brian could inspire one another. Please email me about any possible chances to help.

  2. Sounds great. We are staying at Hotels along the way. We will be cutting across the southwest corner of NM. I am concerned about the altitude so won’t stay long in NM.
    As far as help I need all I can get. I will keep you informed.
    Best B.Nice

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