07-12-13If you put ideas out there, something will happen and the right people will come along and make it happen.
If you put it out there from your heart it will happen.
You have to really believe it.



  1. Brian, I believe you are right about putting ideas out there. You probably don’t remember me but I did a shoot with you in Taos, New Mexico in 2004 for J Jill. I just remember what a great guy you were and how your last name actually reflected your bearing. You made everyone there feel good. I have wondered through the years if I would run into you again when I was working and I had no idea about your accident. My husband had suffered a TBI in 2002 and I’m certain we would have talked about it during the few days of the shoot at least a little bit. Robert still has some difficulties and is retired on disability from his job as an Episcopal priest. But he is not retired from his calling or from life. He has dreamed ideas, set goals and accomplished them as you are doing. Two years ago, he and our younger daughter, Martha, attempted to climb Denali when she graduated from college. They got to 17,500 ft but did not make it to the top. They were turned back by bad weather, lack of proper food, and inexperience. This year, a young fellow they met that year on the mountain called Robert and asked him to accompany him to Denali again. They went in May and climbed to the top together in 7 days which is quite fast. They came down and rested one day. Then my husband’s young friend and he attempted and accomplished a speed ascent and descent to the top again. They wanted to break the record that had stood for 10 years, of 23 hours and 55 minutes. Robert roped to Edward until they passed the crevasses and then Edward went off on his own racing to the top and back down. He came back down to where Robert was waiting and they went over the crevasses again to the bottom. They set the new world record of 16 hours and 46 minutes, breaking the old one by over 7 hours. Keep on dreaming and going for it. I am praying for you and want so much for you to achieve your goals. Edward has written a preliminary draft of the story of the climb. When it is ready, I’ll include the link so you can read it. It’s quite entertaining. Thank you again for being so nice to me many years ago.

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