06-19-13Healing is in the heart, and the rest follows. Loving one’s self is the most powerful healing balm there is. Coming together with a common direction, creating a loving experience through intention and connection is everyones joy and upliftment. Leading us to the healing of one and all. Be the medicine that heals. Be the love. CM.

I am writing today for Brian, as I am watching people gather to create this project, I am seeing opening hearts and healing. Thank you for letting me be part of it in witness and experience. CM


2 thoughts on “HEALING JOURNEY

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  2. Brian and Christine,
    I wish you the heaven’s choicest blessings as you Brian make this journey, and you Christine travel in spirit in support.
    Sandra and Leslie nurtured my children in ways of such healing journeys when they were young. Now teenagers I look forward to sharing with them the experiences of this endeavor captured in your pictures of our American heritage.

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